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Leading the private hair trends, iHee Hair

ihee marble essence hair pact
Secret Essence & Magnetics Powder

From hair cover-ups to care

Youth Energy, Moroccan Oil

Hair resilience fueled by golden antioxidant energy

Microneedle technology

Sharp Solution for Hair Loss Care

graphene & micro current

Microcurrent graphene care


From the position of the top hair designer in South Korea

IHEE, the greatest hair and makeup artist of our time,
has held the top position since 1997 when she established herself in Cheongdam-dong under her own name.
Her products, crafted through her experience, expertise, and continuous research,
also showcase the quality deserving of the TOP Salon brand, earning adoration from countless celebrities and VIPs.

iHee`s MUSE

Actress Lee Young-ae's 33-Year Tale of Trust and Love with iHee
Brand Interview on Scalp Care Solution STEMSHOT Infused with Stem Cell Cultures